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Weather turns warm, pure Brightness will come, chinese tourist is about to greet the first of 2018 small 160259 long holidays. On March 23, 2018, net of travel of hornet’s nest of guideline 闵行 大保健 2018of global travel spending is released ” 2018 Pure Brightness are small trend of 160259 go on a journey length a holiday 72265 reports ” , right Pure Brigh上海后花园论坛tness is small 2018 the tourist of around length a holiday gave a circumstance to undertake forecasting. Data shows, spelled a holiday to had made the viatic way that Chinese tourists are大桶大388精油正规吗 used to 2018, the traveler that collect grows a holiday 8 days together also begins ” call ” the destination with farther distance. Another interesting phenomenon is, growth of crowd of go on a journey of city of small second line length a holiday is rapid, the crowd of go on a journey of Hangzhou, Chengdu exceeds Beijing and Shanghai first, become the 松江悦泉spa微信passenger source city of the first echelon formation. Call of go on a journey spelling a holiday is farther ” distance ”   spells a holiday to go out to had become Chinese Pure Brightness to give the main trend of travel all right, the height上海 外菜 vx of go on a journey during Pure Brightness is earlier than small long holiday this year full 5 days. Data shows, height of Pure Brightness go on a journey appeared on March 31 around, the Pure Brightness vacation that begins than April 5 became early full 5 days. Want to rely on to spell 松江开元地中海 桑拿the tourist of false escape height, cannot reach a wish probably. But ” ask 3 days to rest 8 days ” still let traveler obtain longer holiday. In the Pure Brightness that has 3 days only holiday and on the weekend be apart only 3 days, astute Chines上海静安好桑拿e tourist tries to come through spelling a holiday in succession ” call ” farther destination, also can lend this escape stream of people the height. The country such as Moroccan, Australia and New Zealand becomes traveler the new option 松江新城 桑拿会所of small go on a journey length a holiday. The report shows, pure Brightness is small 2018 between long holiday, popular country is Moroccan, sri lanka, Australia and Japan, Thailand, Singapore, Vietnam, Malaysia, Turkey, New Zealand respectively outside the condition. Pure Brightness is small 2018 between long holiday, domestic popular town is Beijing, Chengdu, Shanghai, Chongqing上海黄浦徐家汇路鸿spa, Xi’an respectively, 3 inferior, Xiamen, Guangzhou, Hangzhou and Wuhan. With compared last year, city of a list of names posted up on popular destination of home is medium this year, wait for a tradition besides Beijing, Chengdu, Shanghai besides small long false popular town, one room is difficult during the Spring Festival beg 3 inferior continue heat to this spring, rich with each passing day local libertinism product whether help Hainan is broken ” travel peak period is brief ” demon cuss, we wi上海高端上门spa保健按摩ll continue to pay close attention to. First exceed townsman of Beijing Shanghai second line to give a growth swift and violent clear and bright this year, second line townsm桑拿干磨水磨什么意思an went out to appear to grow considerably all right, the passenger source first time that comes from Hangzhou, Chengdu exceeded Shanghai, Beijing, in ground of domestic passenger source list the 34th. The tourist amount that comes from Jiangsu and Nanjing also exceeded Beijing. In recent years, the whole world each are big airline will increase transport power newly to China 23 lines city tilts, bureau of each country tourism also increases strength to be popular阿拉爱上海晨晨验证ized in 23 lines city in succession freedom goes and drive oneself swim circuit, relax accordingly visa condition, visa is added to accept an orgnaization in city of many second line. Feng Rao shows controller of research center of hornet’s nest travel, the travel market of 23 line cities of Chinese is releasing treme桑拿啥叫干磨水磨ndous development potential, resource of a lot of travel just has entered ahead of schedule layout, future, supplier and more travel server also 上海自荐龙凤will transfer alignment to 23 lines city, dig this one market. Data shows, pure Brightness is small 2018 between long holiday, the city with most crowd of go on a journey is Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Hangzhou, Chengdu, Shanghai, Nanjing, Suzhou, Beijing, Wuhan and Xi’an respectively. 151670 themes Eden ” bully a list of names posted up ” popular 139800 step spring no matter 92792 tourist attractions are in outside churchyard or condition, 151670 themes Eden is everybody the first selection of spr上海吴中路丽都ktv荤场ing go on a journey, heat exceeds traditional view area. Churchyard in TOP5 of 92792 tourist attractions, have Shanghai the Eden on Dishini and water of wide bey grand a list of names posted up on two themes Eden, popular tourist attraction is medium outside the condition, the Osaka that has Japan more is round-the-world Dishinile mixes shadow city, Tokyo field the Hong Kong of Chinese Hong Kong Dishinile field 3 themes Eden